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January 19, 2010

Changes you would like to see in the national Constitution

Hello Everyone,

Please be advised that the York Branch President Lance Graham has requested that the Branch Executive Council should review...


January 19, 2010


From Divisional Vice President – Angella Dunn


The Process:

 The Year-End Review and Performance Appraisal is...


January 19, 2010

Appraisals, Scorecards and PPW process.

As we are currently in the Appraisals, Scorecards and PPW period please mark your calendar to attend another round of training on this process.



December 6, 2009

JEP Appeal Process

The Job Evaluation Review Committee met in Ottawa the week of November 23. The committee has now completed the appeal questionnaires for those...


October 28, 2009

Committes Members

I’m pleased to announce the following names of the APOC Representatives who will form part of the various committees.



January 19, 2010


From Divisional Vice President – Angella Dunn


The Process:

 The Year-End Review and Performance Appraisal is the final step in the Performance Management Process. It gives you and your team leader an opportunity to step back from the dayto-day activities and assess overall performance.

 During the Year-End Review you have an important role to play. In fact, it’s as much your responsibility as your team leader’s to provide an evaluation of your performance. To help this process, you should come prepared to the year-end performance appraisal meeting with the identification of accomplishments tied to each goal. Remember, your team leader may not be able to recall your work in the detail that you can. It’s up to you to make sure your efforts are properly reflected in the Year-End Review.

The Checklist:

Here is a quick checklist of what should take place during the year-end appraisal process.

1. Team Leader provides member with copy of the Performance Planning Worksheet.

2. Member prepares a summary of accomplishments and submits it to the team leader.

3. Team Leader meets with member to discuss achievements against objectives.

4. Team Leader adds year–end comments to the Performance Planning Worksheet and sends or gives to the member for comments.

5. Member provides comments using the Performance Planning Worksheet and returns it to the team


6. Team Leader inputs recommended rating on to the Performance Planning Worksheet and forwards it to the 2nd level for approval.

7. Second Level Management inputs year-end comments, confirms the performance rating and returns the Performance Planning Worksheet to team leader.

8. Team Leader discusses final rating with member and sends final version of the appraisal containing 2nd level comments with the rating to the employee.

9. Member may add final comments to the final version of the appraisal (optional) and return it to the team leader.

 Note: The member should indicate in the comments that he/she has reviewed the contents of the entire document and has received the appraisal in his/her official language of choice.

10. Team Leader inputs final appraisal document and rating into SAP.

 Note: A hard copy of the signed version of the appraisal must be forwarded to HR for the career file only if the employee received a “Needs Improvement” rating.

Needs Improvement Rating:

It is evident that many of our members who have contacted us regarding their performance appraisal are not clear on the process. If you are not in agreement with your appraisal and wish to challenge your rating, the following are the steps to take:

1) If you are not in agreement with the appraisal or the rating you received, you are to advise the next level of management of your dissatisfaction by email requesting a meeting to review. The next level of management is the person to whom the person that completed the appraisal reports to. i.e.: a supervisor who had his/her final review with a superintendent, it would be the manager who is the 2nd

level. This email should be copied to us at [email protected] and Angella Dunn at [email protected]

2) If after the review with the 2nd level you continue to challenge your appraisal, you are to email us with your objection(s). You should include the reasons you are challenging your appraisal and provide any

documentation that refutes the documents which the appraiser relied upon to support the rating. If the appraisal process was not followed it should be raised at the 2nd level review meeting. ==================================================

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