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April 30, 2010

''Update on the re-organization''

The Association has met with the Corporation representatives to discuss the proposed Operational Organization Changes for 5 days over the past...


April 21, 2010

Survey on approval of personal days

APOC and Canada Post are conducting a survey to get a sense of how APOC members feel about the use and approval of personal days. The survey...


April 2, 2010


Dear Members,

As per the National Constitution, please be advised of the following:

Article 10


10.1 The amount of the annual...


April 2, 2010

APOC the re-organization


Today, in the year 2010, it is regrettable that our partner has decided to set aside our working relationship to once again, bite...


March 29, 2010

What you need to know if you should go off on Short Term Disability

Once you have called your team leader and advised him or her that you will be off for more than seven calendar days, your team leader will enter...


August 17, 2009

News Letter from the Secretary

Association of Postal Officials of Canada York Branch

York Branch Bi-Monthly Newsletter

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GENERAL MEETING, 20 September, 2K9 @ 10:00hr

Philip Denny, Secretary /Treasurer. Hello to all APOC members. As we are all

aware it is approaching the busiest time of the year at Canada Post Corporation and

we have a few Economic and Marketing activities working in our favour. The

Canadian dollar is almost at par with the U.S currency and many forecasters are

suggesting that this trend may hold for the next three to four Quarters. We at

Canada Post will benefit from this trend by receiving higher volumes and more

business during the next six to eight months, specifically in our Parcels and Packets

product lines. This trend based on past activities in our Business forecasting history.

What this means to us as members of APOC is more demands will be placed on us

in all areas of our operations. More so in the Processing and Delivery Offices.

Therefore, I would like to impart some valuable information. Most of you may

know of some members who were hospitalized over the past year due to various

reasons. My concern is the STRESS level that may be the main cause of various

factors that is contributing to some of the illnesses. Members are being taken out of

the Facilities on stretchers to Hospitals on a regular basis by Ambulance. We as an

Association must help and support each other in the work place when possible. The

over all trend of doing more with less is going to get worst over the next 3Q. The

Corporation is at a cross road of not having the volumes to be processed as it should

in order to maintain its position in the Business that we are in. As a result, the

burden is placed on the front line members to increase the overall productivity by

doing much more with MUCH less. Remember safety come first. Regardless of the

directives you are given in order to cut cost on the work floor and in your offices,

the burden is on you the individual to maintain and up hold the Policies of the

Corporation to maintain a true and safe work environment for all. Occupational

Health and Safety must be in the forefront of your mind and daily activities.

If you cannot do the amount of tasks that are assigned to you at any given time of

day, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. If you cannot get any assistance to

complete the tasks, you must prioritize your work and get the most important things

done first. Please notify your team leader of your activities and write them down for

future reference. Do not volunteer to work extra hours in order to get your daily

work done. Manage your time and avoid time wasters and non value added

activities during schedule working hours. Try to incorporate some relaxation

techniques and activity during breaks in your busy days schedule. Sometimes stress

may cause the mind to over react, therefore please take a deep breath, clean your

glasses and count to ten before reacting or saying something you may regreat.

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