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November 1, 2008

Private Vehicle Rates

Employees who use private vehicles for business purposes will be

reimbursed, in cents per kilometre, as follows:

For APOC represented employees:...


September 15, 2008

Job Evaluation

The Joint committee met during the last two previous weeks. There were a lot

of discussions between the Association and the Corporation and...


April 29, 2008

Update on APOC Job Evaluation Plans

SUMMARY: In February 2007, Canada Post and APOC jointly embarked on a

journey to review, update or develop both APOC Job Evaluation Plans...


April 3, 2008


To all Members.

Spring is here and in a year (March 2009) our collective agreement will

expire. We need to be proactive and prepare...


February 21, 2008

Female uniform

For some time now, some of our Members have been asking for clarification

in regards to the female uniform.

There are problems with the...


July 26, 2010

CPC reorganization

The Corporation is proceeding with changing the structure. The Association tried to advise them that massively abolishing our Superintendent positions will only increase the Members workload and, at the same time spoil the quality of our service.

If you have any questions on anything about this reorganization, please communicate with your local Representatives who have all the details specific to your region.

I hope that this change will give all of us a lesson. Stop doing more than 8 hours per day or not claiming for overtime. See what happened after all your efforts and times you gave to this company. THANKS = DELETIONS OF POSITIONS.

Donít forget to advise your Branches if you donít have a replacement. The Association will file a grievance / arbitration on all non replaced days. We will enforce Letter No. 6 of our collective agreement. This is the way that we have to interact now with our partner.


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