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February 6, 2009



Yes, finally we inaugurate our secure part of our website.

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January 14, 2009

Update on Negotiations between Canada Post and the Association of Postal Officials of Canada (APOC)

Negotiations between Canada Post and APOC continued, with meetings

held from November 17 to 28, and from December 4 to 12, 2008.



January 13, 2009

Sales-Serves Job Evaluation Plan

After the Operations questionnaire was again validated, in last November

and December, APOC and CPC have continued to work on the development...


November 4, 2008

UPCE possible strike

It is possible that the Union of Postal Communications Employees will be on

strike soon.

As you know, you must cross the picket line to...


November 3, 2008

APOC Job Evaluation Plan project focus groups

As you know, we will be conducting further testing of the revised Job

Information Questionnaire during the week of November 17 – 21.



April 2, 2010

APOC the re-organization


Today, in the year 2010, it is regrettable that our partner has decided to set aside our working relationship to once again, bite the hand of the group that is working to make this company one of the rare ones to deliver profits in 2009.

Indeed, these are the same profits which allow management to put a lot of money in their pockets while the rest of the workers, like us, will be putting crumbs in our pockets.

For several years, bulletin after bulletin we would ask you to work your 8 hours a day and if you work more, to claim your overtime. However, being the professional type, you said to yourself that you would eventually be rewarded for your dedication.

You met very important challenges; you covered and managed two modules since the other one was not replaced because of a lack of staff or relief. You even went above and beyond by delivering mail on non-covered routes of the RSMC’s, in order to give exceptional service to our customers.

By 2006-2007, the Corporation hired approximately 600 new supervisors to replace hundreds of retirees and, to help the members left on the floor that, for several years, were overburdened with work. At the same time, this workload was continuing to escalate rapidly.

Unfortunately, this stated (good) intent only lasted a certain amount of time. Slowly, as efforts were made to regain control of the staffing in the Regions, we began noticing vacant positions remaining vacant, in order to make the budget. At the same time as relief positions were being added, more and more were left unstaffed and vacant in the field.

The Corporation has taken on and implemented several projects over the last couple of years. Projects here, projects there, our members were always willing and eager to participate and implement improvements. However, while the members positions were vanishing, and in spite of the dozens of non-replaced positions, the work on the floor was continuing to be being accomplished and with great success. This unfortunately to our own detriment, the fact remains that as we worked more hours, the majority of these hours went unclaimed.

After all these efforts, we are now faced with the most devastating news ever imaginable; deletion of positions in the Association.

How many? We do not know, but we are very concerned because regrettably, our observations to date have offered no insight or understanding with regards to what happened to the excluded employees who were escorted in a friendly manner to the door.

Superintendent’s positions deleted. Who will take over this workload? Is the Corporation telling us that the average of 50 hours of work per week done by our superintendents was unnecessary?

We know that in some areas, the company believes supervisors should have 34 employees reporting to them regardless of the place and/or particular conditions of each position.

For many years we have discussed with the Corporation about the lack of relief and workload issues without much success. During Regional Forums, Moya and Mary emphasized the fact that they were truly listening to what you had to say, maybe now is the appropriate time to let them know what you really think.

With the constant evolution of technology, the mail is decreasing drastically and revenues are reflecting that change, but we do not supervise the mail, we supervise the employees and processes involved. We understand and recognize that if the number of employees to supervise decreases, there will be an impact on the number of supervisors, but we are not there as of yet. Should we not be taking or planning for these changes one step at a time?

We have received assurances that all members who were in a position at the time of the signing of the Collective Agreement will be protected and nobody will lose their job.

While the Association has many concerns, one of the major issues of contention will be the question of respect and feasibility for all the members who remain to continue to do the work.

There is only one way to go about knowing what the next organization will look like, and that is why, we are going to sit down with the Corporation and review their plans and intentions on a going forward basis. We shall once again explain why it is so vital that our structure remains intact as much as possible.

What is the next step? It is impossible to foresee at this time but, rest assured that all the options will be looked at and examined.

Once again, I implore you to do your work, and your work only!

Think of yourself, for today and for tomorrow!

Fraternally your’s


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