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October 8, 2009

Changes in the Collective Agreement

Canada Post and the Association of Postal Officials of Canada (APOC) have received a decision from the arbitrator in the final offer selection...


October 6, 2009

Mediation Skills Training

Alternate Dispute Resolution/Mediation Training with Sunshine Solutions.

A Workshop designed and Delivered by Sunshine Solutions.


September 30, 2009

Request for the decision

Dear Members,

Please be advised of the following:

The Association of Postal Officials of Canada has communicated with Arbitrator Picher...


August 17, 2009

News Letter from the Secretary

Association of Postal Officials of Canada York Branch

York Branch Bi-Monthly Newsletter

2750 14th Ave. Unit G-14, Unionville ON.L3R OB6



July 19, 2009

Annual BBQ

This was our annual bbq which was held on July 19th, 2009. We want to say thanks to everyone who participated on that day from our President.


January 13, 2009

Sales-Serves Job Evaluation Plan

After the Operations questionnaire was again validated, in last November

and December, APOC and CPC have continued to work on the development

of the new Evaluations Plans for the Operations Group and for the

Marketing, Sales and Services group. Testing sessions are being conducted,

this week of January 12, in Atlantic Region, Québec Region, GTA and

Prairies Region, specifically for the Marketing, Sales and Services Job

Evaluation Plan.

The development of the Marketing, Sales and Services Job Evaluation Plan

is not finished but is on good way to be completed, as well as the

Operations Plan and APOC will continue to keep you informed on progress

made and next steps, on our Internet Website. If you have any questions,

do not hesitate to direct them to the 2 APOC members of the Job

Evaluation Committee (JEC), Guy Dubois ([email protected]) or Michel

L. Tremblay ([email protected]) or send them directly to the

Committee e-mail adresses APOC JEP 2007/PEE AOPC 2007 .

Thank you to help us building this important tool and to participate in the

validation sessions held this week.

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